Discovering meditation - Shambhala weekend

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27 January 2017 - 29 January 2017
Shastri Simon La Haye


Relax, renew, awaken!


This weekend of discovery is for those wishing to discover or rediscover the practice of meditation as it is transmitted in the Shambhala tradition. No previous experience or knowledge is required.

During this program, we will learn the basic techniques of mindfulness meditation. Amongst other things we will be working with body posture, mindfulness of breathing and focusing the mind on the present moment. Instructions and theoretical presentations will compliment times of practice, exercices and sessions of sharing and relaxing.

Addressing issues of everyday life, whether it is stress, irritation, relational difficulty, confusion or negativity, you will be able to integrate these simple and practical tools to continue with training your mind on your own.

The Shambhala approach

Meditation as it is transmitted in Shambhala aims at transforming how we relate to ourselves and everyday life. The Shambhala principle expresses that everyone, at their core, is worthy and complete. From this point of view, meditation is not so much a tool to fix ourselves or improve our abilities, but a powerful way to connect with the inherent goodness and wisdom within our present experience.

This practice offers us a way to connect to our natural confidence allowing us to free our life and give the best of ourself.


Relax, renew, awaken!

Relax: The Shamatha technique we are going to practice translates in sanskrit as « cultivating peace ». This is « peaceful abiding »: our spirit is naturally calm and clear, « like water of a lake in the sunrise when a very light breeze rises a subtle mist ». It is about simply being, without any goal but experiencing what we are.

Renew: Meditation is a time we give to ourselves to discover who we are and to look within, with simplicity and acceptance to gain confidence. In this way, it is a deeply healing experience. It is a time of natural bravery when without preconception, we are ready to welcome ourself and be ourself. Then, we are able to take responsibility for our own existence.

Awaken: with meditation, we are able to discover the power and richness of our senses. It teaches us to see, hear and touch with the heart, allowing the body and mind to synchronize and simply be without artifice.
Meditation is far from simply being a time of retreat from the world or reflexion for our sole purpose. It is a real social action that allows us to appreciate others and our environment better, and find what is our place in this constantly changing world.


This program starts on Friday January 27 at 8pm and ends on Sunday 29 at 3.30 pm.
On arrival day, you’re invited to come at 5 pm in order to register and settle in your room.
Dinner is served at 6.45pm and orientation talk starts at 8pm.

This program is taught in French by Simon La Haye. No traduction available.

Between sessions of meditation

Helping is part of the meditation experience of Dechen Chöling. Short periods of « rota » are suggested such as assisting the kitchen, washing dishes and helping in the garden. It compliments the practice of meditation allowing you to manifest the teachings received, to deepen relations among participants and also for you to experience life in our community.

There is opportunity to enjoy free time walking in the splendid natural environment of Dechen Chöling and make use of our library.



Simon La Haye has been a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for over 35 years, and has been teaching on the Shambhala vision during that time.
He has always been involved in the administration of Shambhala, and more particularly was the director of Dechen Chöling for more than 10 years.
Since 2014 he is teaching full time. In particular he is interested on how we can bring the experience of meditation in our daily life.