Kado: The Way of Flowers

4 October 2017 - 7 October 2017
Martina Marx-Hunsdieck
Bénédicte Provost

Kado is a creative and meditative dance with nature, space, and perception. The vibrant and daring beauty of flowers wakes up the environment and compels us to see what is really before us. We learn how the ancient principles of heaven, earth, and humanity are expressed in nature and in our daily lives.


This program will be taught in both English and French.

Arrival day (Wednesday, October 4): You're invited to come from 4 pm in order to register and settle in your room. Dinner is served at 6.45 pm. Orientation talk at 8 pm.
End of program
: Program ends Saturday, October 7 at 5 pm.



Benedicte Provost and Martina Marx-Hunsdieck




Martina Marx-Hunsdieck