The Voice - Inner Resonance

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20 February 2017 - 24 February 2017
Frank Kane



Dechen Choling invites you to participate in a singing workshop. Taught by Frank Kane, this exploratory singing workshop will allow us to release untapped vocal resources and deepen the connection to our voices, to each other, and to ourselves.

Our voices are an essential part of our experience of being human. Many of us know the satisfaction of a good conversation, the pain of an argument, the delight of laughter, the sharpness of feeling silenced. Ancient cultures respected and celebrated the power of sound to nourish the growth and development of people and communities, where songs and chants were used to empower work on the land, childrearing, physical healing and sacred practice.

During these days, we will use simple vocal exercises and the celebrated polyphonic songs of Georgia in the Caucasus as a laboratory in which to expand the strength and depth of our voices and ourselves. Students of all levels of experience are welcome. No experience of singing necessary.


This program is taught in French. English translation will be available upon request.

Arrival day (Feb 20): Orientation talk at 8 pm. You're invited to come from 5 pm in order to register and settle in your room. Dinner is served at 6.45 pm.

End of program (Feb 23): Closing circle and Banquet in the evening.

Departure day (Feb 24): You may leave anytime (no program). You're welcome to stay for lunch.

Frank Kane

Frank Kane is a master teacher of voice. He has studied Georgian polyphonic song, music & culture as well as energetic resonance and body-mind disciplines.  Frank has developed a distinctive approach using ancient Georgian chants as a medium of vocal expression and path of self-discovery and exploration; transforming the patterns that constrict the voice and leading us beyond the familiar.