Contacts at Dechen Chöling

Service, Questions, Donations and Registration


We are more than happy to help you with your inquiries. Email us at, use the contact form, write or call us!

For information about our programmes and to register online, please visit our online programme calendar or request a printed version.

Postal address

Dechen Chöling
Main Office
Mas Marvent
87700 St Yrieix sous Aixe

Phone: +33 (0)55503-5552 
Fax: +33 (0)55503-9174


For general inquiries and registration, you can reach us by phone during the following office times:

  • Monday to Friday 14:00 - 17:00  / 2pm - 5pm

On your program’s arrival day (usually a week-end day) you will be able to reach us by phone for communications regarding your arrival (15:00 - 18:45).


Outside of these office times, please leave a message and we will return your call. If you have a specific request you may contact the accordant departments directly:


Bank Information

The legal name of Dechen Chöling in France is Association Shambhala Europe. To transfer programme fees or donations please use the following information.

Send money to: Association Shambhala Europe

  • Name of bank: Banque Tarneaud
  • Address of bank: 2-6 Rue Turgot, F-87011 Limoges Cedex
  • Bank code: 10558; Code Guichet: 04507 

Programme fees: 

  • Account number / No. De Compte: 11751600200
  • RIB : 22


  • Account number / No. De Compte: 11751600204
  • Clé RIB : 10

International transfers

To transfer money to Dechen Chöling from outside France, you can use the following information.

  • IBAN code for programme fees:  FR76 1055 8045 0711 7516 0020 022
  • IBAN code for donations: FR76 1055 8045 0711 7516 0020 410
  • Swift/BIC : TARNFR2L


To: Shambhala Vajradhatu GmbH
Koelner Bank, Im Ferkulum 4, 50517 Koeln
Bank code: 37160087
Account Number: 535 586 071
IBAN: DE24371600870535586071

To: Shambhala Nederland
Triodos Bank
Account number: NL83TRIO0784912068

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