15 Juli 2017 - 26 Juli 2017
Shastri John Seex
Konstanze Brockstedt
Sabine Kuen-Fillafer
Bea de Munnik


Summer 2017 with the family!

For families, single parents, and children aged from 3-10. Activities for the children are organized in the mornings, giving adults the opportunity to meditate together, study and share common topics with each other - we prepare a program with talks, practice sessions and discussions. Afternoons will include group activities such as swimming or treasure hunts. Join us for this vibrant time at the height of the summer!

Blazing camp fires, muddy shoes, nature walks, ease, joyful children, great friends, story telling, laughter, simplicity, child-friendly food, meditation practice, art, song, swimming, rolling in the grass, and more.
Playing, practising and exploring nature, parents and children have time to spend both together and apart in a creative and gentle adventure. Includes organized group activities and play, contemplative practices, and plenty of time for individual practice and just plain visiting.

In the morning, programmes run for children aged 3-10, while their parents have time together for meditation practice, study, discussion and contemplation.

In the afternoons and evenings, there will be room for both structured and spontaneous activities: outings, campfires, parent circles, and contemplative activities for the whole family.

Children aged 8-10 will be able to complete the Rites of Passageclick here to find out more. This program acknowledges the child's first major step towards adulthood, the first responsibilities in the family and beyond. The child is introduced to his or her potential as a compassionate being - one who faces the events of life, big and small, with an open heart, inquisitiveness, dignity, and fearlessness.

You have children above 10 years old who can't join Family Camp ? On the same period, they may register to the Shambhala Sun Camp for children aged 10-16! They will live a great experience with youngsters of all countries, having fun, making friends and learning to take responsability for oneself and one's world.


Teaching in English (translation in French available).

Arrival day (July 15): Program starts at 6.30 pm. You're invited to come from 4 pm in order to register and settle in your tent. Diner is served at 6.45 pm.
End of program (July 25): closing circle in the evening (10 pm)
Departure day (Juy 26): You may leave anytime (no program). You're welcome to stay for lunch.

Registration for Family Camp

The online registration process allows you to register now each member of the family (but only pay for adults at this step). If your child/dren participate in the Rites of Passage, please notify his age and mother language during registration.

The Price of your stay displayed below (bottom of the page) is per adult person. Children aged 5-10 pay 50% of this adult price and children aged 3-4 pay a flat rate of €155 all included.

This program is not accessible to children below 3 years old. However, they are welcome in Dechen Chöling, under your responsability, for a food-accomodation price of 5 euros per day. If you bring a nannie or au pairs, they pay 20 euros per day. Please follow the registration form which guides you in registering more than one person. Thank you!

Here is the summary of the tarifs proposed - all included - for each member of your family:

FAMILY CAMP 2017 PRICES - All included
Price options (Euro) Adults Children
    5-10 yrs 3-4 yrs < 3 yrs
Standard  640  320 155 55
Reduced  480  240 155 55
Early Bird (< May 14)  576  288 155 55


More information to come


Standard640 euro
Ermässigt480 euro

Standardpreis: Der Gesamtpreis beinhaltet die Programmgebühr, Unterbringung (im Zelt) und Vollpension (100% biologisch erzeugte Produkte, Vollwertkost). Aufenthaltssteuer nicht enthalten (0,20 € pro Nacht und pro Person).

Ermässigter Preis: 25% Nachlass auf den Standardpreis, wenn Ihr monatliches Einkommen unter 1200 Euro liegt. Aufenthaltssteuer nicht enthalten (0,20 € pro Nacht und pro Person).

Weitere Angebote

  • Während der Online-Anmeldung können Sie ein Einzel- oder Doppelzimmer buchen (die Verfügbarkeit wird Ihnen später durch ein E-Mail bestätigt).
  • Transporte im Shuttle oder Taxi (während des ganzen Jahres) und Kinderbetreuung (im Juli/August).
  • Die Mitgliedschaft in der Association Shambhala Europe beinhaltet eine Versicherung für Ihre Aufenthalte in Dechen Choling. Dafür fallen jährlich 15 Euro Mitgliedsbeitrag für Sie an.

Finanzielle Schwierigkeiten sollten kein Hindernis für Ihre Teilnahme sein. Falls nötig, bietet Dechen Chöling verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Unterstützung (monatliche Raten, Stipendium...) an.
Bitte schreiben Sie bei Bedarf an: finance@dechencholing.org