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Dechen Chöling is the European land center of Shambhala situated in the midst of beautiful soft green hills and magnificent old trees near Limoges, France. People from any spiritual or religious background come from all over the world to discover the richness of their own potential through practicing meditation and other contemplative disciplines. We offer a wide variety of programs and retreats contributing to create a culture of basic goodness within the society. We’re welcoming hundreds of participants each year, beginners or experienced practionners.


We are currently recruiting for the following staff positions: 


Full time position available now

In this position you are in charge to manifest the vision of Basic Goodness and Enlightened Society in Dechen Chöling's kitchen, keeping in mind that kitchen and food are important aspects of participants' experience of our Center. This includes providing wholesome and delicious food for visitors, participants and staff, and fostering an uplifted kitchen environment mixing discipline and joy.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

Under the responsibility of the Head of Kitchen, you will be lead cook and with the help of a team of assistants, you will prepare a wholesome, tasty, nutritious and diversified meal to participants and staff, mostly organic and local food. You will regularly have to orient and train the assistants and helpers. You will keep the kitchen clean and in good order.
The number of people can vary greatly throughout the year, from 15 to 50 in the winter up to 300+ during the peak season.The kitchen provides mostly vegetarian meals two times a day buffet-style, fish or meat twice a week, and occasionally caters events, birthdays, picnics, etc... The kitchen also satisfies programs' specific dietary requirements and provides tasty food for people with dietary restrictions.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • You are a creative and enthusiastic cook with a wide knowledge of vegetarian,and special diet cooking and nutrition.
  • You have excellent kitchen management skills, you are organized and good at supervising team work.
  • You can work quickly and manage the pressure of the peak season.
  • You have excellent communication skills, you are patient and clear with instructions and feedback.
  • You have experience in delivering the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.
  • You ideally have a degree or certificate from culinary school or a kitchen experience as main cook in a collective setting. Kitchen experience in a dharma center is a plus.
  • English and French language skills.



Contact or apply directly online.

Please be aware that you need a visa/work permit for the EU in case you are not an EU citizen.


Staff conditions

The heart of Dechen Chöling is a community of practioners. Working in Dechen Chöling goes together with daily practice and community life on land.

The working day is varied and depends on your role and department. Staff have the opportunity for at least two hours of personal practice per day, regular teachings by local and visiting teachers, community celebrations, study classes and, in the summer, the Dechen Chöling tradition of swimming in the near-by River Vienne.

The day starts at 9am with morning meditation, followed by the “daily gathering”, where work and other issues are discussed.

  • All staff participate on a rota to do household jobs.

  • Practice times are in the morning before the daily gathering and in the evening from 6-7 pm.

  • There are two days off per week

  • All staff have a meditation instructor and the opportunity for regular interviews.

  • All staff go through a probationary period for the first month to see if they and Dechen Chöling are happy with the arrangement before making a longer term commitment.

  • Staff receive 5 weeks holiday per year.