Meditation in Action - Application

This programme is open to everyone who is interested in the Shambhala Buddhist teachings. Please fill in this questionary so we can get to know you a bit.

About you

Please give a history of your spiritual practice and dharma training. Include information on any meditation disciplines you have been involved in. Are you a member of a Shambhala Center? Give information on your main practice, frequency of practice and average length of sessions. If you have taken courses at a Shambhala Centre or other Buddhist centre, indicate the extent of your studies. If you have one, who is your Meditation Instructor (name and email)?

About your stay

Programme cost is 10.50 Euro per day, all included food and basic accommodation in a dorm or 2-person tent.

As a participant you will gain experience participating in various departments, which can include:

  • Facilities - gain valuable skills in construction, maintenance and teamwork
  • Household - learn about creating uplifted spaces in the capable hands of our Head of Household
  • Garden - experience growing produce from seed to table in our organic garden
  • Landscaping - spend time with experienced supervisors maintaining and developing our beautiful landscape
  • Summertime - specific opportunities like childcare, boutique, etc.

Please enter your preferred dates of arrival and departure.

Please indicate what languages you speak and write fluently.

Other questions

Please give a short outline of your current occupation and earlier jobs. List your skills, interests and hobbies. Give information on the type of skills you have that could be useful at Dechen Chöling. Do you have a European driving licence?

Please give an accurate description of your psychological and medical history. Include information on dietary restrictions, allergies, and sleep issues. Do you snore? List major operations, illnesses and chronic conditions. Do you take any medications for psychological or physical conditions, are you in a therapy? Please explain.

Tell us more about your motivation for coming to Dechen Chöling. Have you ever lived in a community before? If so, where and for how long? What interests you about living in a spiritual community? Are you willing to commit to daily meditation practice?