Meditation in Action


Meditation in Action


Our « Meditation in Action » Programme (MIA) offers participants the possibility to experience together daily meditation, teachings and community life as one path that allows us to recognize the basically good nature of human life and society. The richness of community life allows us to observe with curiosity, honesty and patience our reactive and emotional patterns.

Our day starts and ends with meditation sessions: one hour in the morning and 45mn in the evening, including chants.
The practice rooms, with their peaceful and dignified atmosphere can also be used for personal practice during free time. Participants are asked to commit to regular practice.
This programme also includes one full day or two half days of intense practice per month.

The teachings:
Meditation Instruction:
On site, a trained meditation Instructor will guide you through the obstacles and difficulties that you could encounter in your practice.

Teachings and discussion groups:
During regular teachings and discussions we study various aspects of Shambhala Buddhism's philosophy and psychology. Through that, we shed light on our meditation practice and daily activities.

Programme participation:
Subject to Dechen Chöling general programme scheduling, the Shambhala Core Teachings on meditation (including level 1 to 5 and the « In Everyday Life » and « Basic Goodness » teachings) are offered (ie: included) in the MIA Programme.
During your stay you will be able to take part in other programmes.

Taking an active part in the community:
In our daily activities, we cultivate an approach based on trust and belief in basic goodness. Those activities, within a team, fostering mindfulness and awareness, are a true opportunities for all of us to develop these qualities, to meet with friendliness our obstacles and fears. Our team leaders are generally advanced practitioners.

As a participant of this programme, you will offer your help to a variety of teams:

  • The Kitchen: you will help the cook prepare an organic, nutritious and balanced meal.
  • House Keeping: you will help the team maintain a welcoming and uplifted atmosphere in Dechen Chöling.
  • Facilities: you help keep all buildings and equipment in working order.
  • Landscape: the Dechen Chöling buildings are surrounded by a large park containing many beautiful old trees. We love flowers and grass grows here with astonishing vigor! In autumn leaves gather on our paths...You can help us with this.
  • Garden: you will help our gardener maintain and improve the garden and produce some of our vegetables.
  • Other: In particular during the summer, many other possibilities can arise (childcare, etc.).

In general you will spend a few weeks within one department. We cannot always accommodate preferences.

Everyday life:
Members of our community are of various ages and origins. It is useful to speak French and/or English. Goodwill is part of our culture. Our community often includes creative and enterprising minds; In the evening, we watch movies together we have a singing group, dance group, and camp fire evenings are not rare in summer.


  • 8h30 to 9h30 Chants and meditation
  • 9h30: 12h30 Active Community Period
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 14h00 to 17h: Active Community Period
  • 17h30 to 18h15: Meditation and chants
  • 18h45: Dinner

Participants to the MIA programme sleep in a dormitory in winter and share a tent in summer.

The MIA programme costs 10,50 euros per day.

To register:


For more information, application and any questions, please contact or apply directly online

We very much look forward to welcoming you into our community for a wonderful summer or more, with us.


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