Contemplative Art

Pick a programme that sparks your interest and inspiration: we offer a variety of contemplative Art programmes, like Dharma Art, Кado, the Way of Flowers or Мiksang, Contemplative Photography. Participants of these programmes range from absolute newcomers who like to get in touch with their own creativity to artists who seek to discover mindfulness practice in the context of art.

Date: 31 May 2015 - 6 June 2015
Shastri Brian Hilliard

Taught in English. Running Buddha! Running and Meditation are both contemplative and help to sychronize body and mind. Our mind needs silence, our body needs movement...

Date: 2 August 2015 - 9 August 2015

Taught in English. Kyudo is a living tradition of meditative archery. Learn and practice this powerful and highly refined contemplative practice.

Date: 18 September 2015 - 23 September 2015
Hèlen Vink

Taught in English. "Seeing From The Heart" is an introduction to the discipline and delight of direct seeing and perception-based photography. We begin to develop the ability to synchronize our mind...

Date: 23 September 2015 - 27 September 2015
Hèlen Vink

Taught in English. "Fields of Perception & THAT". Once we have developed some openness beyond what 'this', or 'I' think about what I see, it is possible to engage with the 'thatness' of the...

Date: 4 October 2015 - 10 October 2015
Herb Elsky

Taught in English. Dharma Art Retreat. "Creating Yourself - Creating Your World" We create ourselves in each moment but usually we do not realize that we have the choice of how we create ourselves.

Date: 9 October 2015 - 11 October 2015
May Isler

Weekend course taught in English. Kado is a creative and meditative dance with nature, space, and perception. The vibrant and daring beauty of flowers wakes up the environment and compels us to see...

Date: 11 October 2015 - 18 October 2015
Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata

Taught in English. Training programme for advanced Kado practitioners - by invitation only

Date: 6 November 2015 - 8 November 2015
Murielle Elizeon

Tango with Murielle Elizeon : a practice of contact and relationship, active body awareness and connection, playfulness and creativity.


6 April 2015

A major highlight this year is the public program "Life as Celebration" with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the lineage holder of Shambhala....

28 May 2015

The Dechen Chöling community offers you a wonderful wealth of experiences. Why not come and be part of our family? The stunning French countryside is the background for getting to know Shambhala, meeting great people and attending great teachings.
New Job Openings:...

24 March 2015

June Programmes: Take the chance and register with an Early Bird price!
Retreat Making Friends with Yourself - by March 31

10 March 2015

We warmly invite you to celebrate 20 years of Dechen Chöling together this year!
Please, share your own experiences, stories, photos, videos, poems and comments with us - on our brand new community facebook page "20 Years Dechen Chöling"! - and find...

18 February 2015

 2015 is the Year of the Wood Sheep. The sheep is a symbol of caring and compassion. It is trusting, empathetic, and loves groups. Wood gives this year’s sheep extra flexibility and strength. A good year for listening, social engagement, and artistic ventures. (from the Shambhala Practice Calendar 2015-16)
The Dechen Chö...

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