Staff of Dechen Chöling 12/2022Dechen Chöling is the European land centre of the Shambhala lineage, situated in the midst of beautiful soft green hills and magnificent old trees in the region of Limousin, France. People from any spiritual or religious background come from all over the world to discover the richness of their own potential through practicing meditation and other contemplative disciplines. We offer a wide variety of programmes and retreats contributing to create a culture of basic goodness within the society. We’re welcoming hundreds of participants each year, beginners or experienced practitioners.

We are hiring

Head of Household

Dechen Choling is searching its head of Cleaning and Laundry, responsible for the welcoming aspect and cleanliness of its public spaces and bedrooms, taking care of the bedding laundry and rotation, and capable to monitoring staff members in their helping duties. Short term contract of 30 hrs/week, mid-March to end October. Accommodation on site is ensured. To apply please contact: [email protected]

Assistant Cook

An experienced cook is required to operate as second cook for our season in Dechen Choling; quality cooking with vegetarian cuisine, safety and hygiene knowledge, capacity to manage team members. About 30 hrs/week, short term contract mid-March to end October. Accommodation on site is ensured. To apply please contact: [email protected]

Staff conditions

The heart of Dechen Chöling is a community of practitioners. Working in Dechen Chöling goes together with daily practice and community life on land.

The working day is varied and depends on your role and department. Staff have the opportunity for at least two hours of personal practice per day, regular teachings by local and visiting teachers, community celebrations, study classes and, in the summer, the Dechen Chöling tradition of swimming in the near-by River Vienne. The day starts at 8.30 am with morning meditation, followed by the “daily gathering” at 9.30 am, where work and other issues are discussed, before starting work at 10 am.

  • All staff participate on a rota to do household jobs.
  • Practice times are in the morning before the daily gathering and in the evening from 5.45 to 6.45 pm
  • There are two days off per week and staff receive 5 weeks holiday per year.
  • All staff have a meditation instructor and the opportunity for regular interviews and teachings
  • All staff go through a probationary period for the first month to see if they and Dechen Chöling are happy with the arrangement before making a longer term commitment.