Dechen Chöling endeavours to ensure that finances are not a barrier to participation of anyone – regardless of economic background or circumstance. At the very ground of the work we do is the aspiration to provide access to a beautiful and accommodating environment in which everyone can meet with the practice of meditation, the dharma teachings and meet themselves. This is, in fact, Shambhala Vision manifested in a very simple way.

Making the opportunity to come to a residential retreat centre accessible to as many people as possible is the primary element we take into account in our overall financial policy. Therefore, the programmes we provide and the rates which apply during your stay here are kept as low as possible.


The foundation of Dechen Chöling and its continued maintenance and upkeep for over twenty years has only been made possible by the contributions and donations from members of our community, who share our wish to sustain this extraordinary place. The money which we fundraise perennially covers a large percentage of our annual running costs. This includes services we provide to participants of programmes, such as our free translation service. Raised funds also get invested into large renovation projects, to refurbish outdated buildings and infrastructure, as well as projects to uplift our facilities on land, better enabling us to accommodate you. Funds also enable us to offer concession rates and scholarships to dharma students requesting it.

Funds come from direct fundraising typically taking place at the closing of specific Shambhala programmes, as well as private donors and long-time patrons who help keep these services available to you. This generosity joins a dharmic view and economic necessities. We cannot emphasise strongly enough how this makes it possible for us to continue to provide this precious environment for teachings and practice. If you are interested in making a donation see our contribute page.

Programme Price

The listed price of a programme takes into account basic things like the set up of infrastructure specific to the programme and the operating costs for its duration, including our staff. Our full range of services as well as investments in infrastructure are not reflected in the calculation of the programme price.

As we are committed to the clear intention to insure financial accessibility to all, we offer a number of reduced programme pricing options. The first option is an Early Bird discount, available to anyone registering and paying in full in advance of the programme. A 25% Reduced Price (on programme tuition) is offered to those below a certain household income threshold.  For further financial help, it is possible to apply for a scholarship or pay in several instalments. A 50% discount on programme tuition is offered to all individuals under the age of 30 (up to 29 years old).

If you require this form or another form of financial assistance to participate in a programme, please contact Dechen Chöling to find a solution: [email protected]. We will encourage you also to make use of innovations such as The Offering Bowl and other crowdfunding platforms, to support us in supporting you.


Our rates for accommodation and meals reflect the basic coverage of maintenance and housekeeping for our lodgings, and the cost of providing a simple and diverse menu to participants each day. Both Kitchen and Household departments operate at a fraction of the cost of commercial enterprises, with a full board rate of €50 per night including standard accommodation and 3 meals.

Costs for our accommodation are kept as minimal as possible. The housing we provide as standard are dorms fitted with modest furnishings or, in summer season, our raised two-person tents. Although these are modest and mostly shared lodgings, again this reflects our wish and intention to make programmes accessible on two fronts: for a maximum of people, at a minimum price.

Service rates 2023 / 2024
Service charges and rates – 2023

Accommodation per night


Own tent / own caravan 25.00
DCL tent and dorms 31.00
Double room* 45.00
Single room* 55.00
Single tent* 50.00
Room tax (per night and per person if charge > €9.50) 0.20


All meals, one day (flat rate per night) 29.00
Extra breakfast or tea break 4.50
Extra lunch or dinner 12.00
Children 0-3 years free
Children 3-12 years – Food (all meals, one day) 12.50
Children 3-12 years – Accommodation (per night) 12.50

Association of Dechen Chöling annual fee

Adults** 15.00

Shuttle service rate (per way)

Limoges-Bénédictins Train station 25.00
Transport children 0-12 years – 50%

Accompanying adult (nannys)

Food and accommodation one day (flat rate per night) 25.00
Food one day (flat rate per night) 12.50
Accommodation per night 12.50

Other services

Full bedding 10.00
Washing machine (only Dathün and families) 5.00
Drying (only Dathün and families) 3.00
Baby Beds to rent (per day) 3.00
* upon availability
**legal yearly obligation (calendar year) for every participant or visitor