Dechen Chöling offers accommodation in several beautiful buildings around our lands, including our historic Château, the Gardener’s house and our magnetizing Drala Hall. Housed here and on our lands are several different accommodation options, ranging from rooms to dorms to tents. All lodgings include shared toilet and washroom facilities.

In this land of dharma, the standard accommodation we provide is in a dormitory for the winter and a furnished two-person tent in the summer (high-season). For further savings, you may choose to bring your own tent or arrange your own accommodation off-land.


Double Rooms

Double rooms in the Chateau are available for €45 per night. These cosy rooms are furnished with two twin beds, reading lamps and a simple decor. Please be aware that due to increasing numbers attending our retreats, double rooms cannot be guaranteed ahead of time. During registration, only standard accommodation is included and your request for a room will result in you being automatically placed on a waiting list.


Located in different buildings on land, we also accommodate participants in indoor dormitory-style rooms that sleep between 3 to 5 people. Dorms are not mixed gender. Standard bedding for this option includes a mattress with fitted sheet and pillow with pillowcase.

The price per night is €31 which is our standard accommodation option in the winter.


Standard two-person tents

two-person_tent_1-1There are five campgrounds surrounding the Château. During the summer months, we offer large two-person tents as the main accommodation for programme participants. Each tent is built on a platform, allowing it to be carpeted and furnished with a bed and shelf. Standard bedding for this option includes a mattress with a fitted sheet and pillow with pillowcase. Price is €31 per night.

 Your own tent

You may also bring your own tent. This can be set up in one of the designated areas of the campgrounds at Dechen Chöling. This is a good option if you wish to save money or are planning to attend a large programme, where our other accommodations have reached capacity. Price is €25 per night.


For all accommodation types provided by Dechen Chöling simple bedding will be supplied free of charge. Simple bedding is composed of a fitted sheet, light blanket, pillow and pillowcase. Please note that we do not provide a top sheet as part of simple bedding. If you select this option, make sure to bring your own top sheet, a bath-towel, as well as a sleeping bag or warm blanket.

We can also provide full bedding if needed, at the additional cost of €10. This option additionally includes a duvet, duvet cover and bath-towel. If you anticipate that you will need full bedding please be sure to make that request during the online registration process, or e-mail the office ([email protected]) before your arrival date.

If you are bringing your own tent and would like to rent full bedding, you can request this for a charge of €10.


Spring & Summer Season – May to August

€31 per night
Basic summer lodgings
reflect accommodation in our furnished two-person tents. This price is calculated according to the length of the programme.
If you elect to extend the length of your stay beyond the set dates of your programme, a different rate may apply.

Upgrades or Savings: all options upon availability only

You can book a place in our indoor dormitory rooms for 3 to 5 people without an extra charge.

+ €14 per day
Book a double room.

– €6 per day
Bring your own tent and set up in one of the designated areas of the campgrounds.

Autumn & Winter Season — September to April

€31 per night
Basic winter lodgings
consist of indoor dormitories, sleeping up 4 to 7 people. This price is calculated according to the length of the programme.
If you elect to extend the length of your stay beyond the set dates of your programme, a different rate may apply.

Upgrades: upon availability only

+ €14 per day
Book a double room in one of our lodgings.


Children from 4 to 12 years are charged €25 per day for food and accommodation. Children under four can stay with us free of charge. 

The transports for children up to 12 years included will benefit from a reduction of 50%.

A special rate for nannies applies (see menu rates and terms of use).

Off-land Accommodation

Accommodation in guest houses or hotels outside of Dechen Chöing is also possible. Feel free to check out these options if you prefer an off-land hosting atmosphere, or in the event that we are booked out onland or simply cannot provide your preferred accommodation at the time you are coming.

Below you’ll find lists of various outside accommodation options nearby Dechen Chöling. We are happy to assist you with booking, down-payment and we can discuss a possible Shuttle Service in case you don’t come with your own car. In addition to these lists, we also have some neighbours who may be able to host you. If you’re interested in receiving more information about this or if you have any other queries, please contact the office.

Chambres d’hôtes / Bed & Breakfast
Location Name Contact Website/Email
St Victurnien
Centre bourg
Catherine Schmit +33(0)5 55 53 32 16
+33(0)6 25 65 36 88
[email protected]
St Priest sous Aixe
Hervé White

La Maison Neuve

+33(0)5 55 70 07 03 [email protected]
Cognac la Forêt
Patricia & Jacques Palies +33(0)5 55 03 27 87  [email protected]
St Victurnien
Chapelle Blanche
Anne Marie & Marcel Laloyaux +33(0)5 55 03 58 20 [email protected]
Pierre-Yves Monfrais +33(0)6 61 64 70 33 [email protected]
Benjamin Moreau +33(0)6 61 56 26 60


Saint Junien (10km) Relais de Comodoliac**  +33(0)5 55 02 27 26 [email protected]


Aeroport Limoges (12km)  +33(0)5 55 48 06 36 Website
Oradour sur Glane (14km) La Glane **  +33(0)5 55 03 10 43 Website
Rochechouart (20km) Hotel de France  +33(0)5 55 03 77 40 Website

Further options can be found in English and French at Gites de France Limousin and in French at Charme & Traditions