Staff 2024

At the heart of Dechen Chöling is a community dedicated to the Shambhala vision and making this place work. Working is a unique way to both deepen one’s own personal meditation path and to help make our wisdom teachings and this beautiful retreat centre available to the world. That’s the commitment of every member of the staff and the way in which they have chosen to manifest enlightened society.

With our extensive land and premises, many things need to be done to make it welcoming for the more than 2,000 people who come each year for programmes. Thus, we have a core staff of 8 – 12 people living here year-round, and even more during the peak season.

Working here means taking care. Taking care of the château, the land, the meditation spaces, the food, the programmes, the web, the money, the toilets, the tents… and, of course, those who visit us so that hopefully they can experience a powerful and inspiring time at Dechen Chöling.



Do you want to participate ?

If you want to give of yourself to make this exceptional place going for the benefit of many, you have several possibilites:

Participate in a programme
Staff a programme
Join our staff
Join Meditation in action
Visit our centre