Opportunities in every programme

Each programme held at Dechen Chöling requires the energy of a team of helpers who actively contribute to its success. Depending on the needs of the retreat, various roles are designated such as coordinator, meditation instructor, interpreter, audio/visual, decorum or other.

Staffing a programme represents a unique opportunity to deepen one’s practice, discover or revisit teachings, while helping to make the dharma available to others.

All helpers can benefit from significant reductions on the programme fee and the price of their stay. This is calculated by our Programmes department, according to the type of programme and your function.

The level of practice experience required to hold a staff position also varies with the programme and role. Don’t hesitate to apply, all applications are welcome.

To apply to a Kasung staff role, please click http://kasung-tiger.org/staff-application/


If you would like to staff one of the upcoming retreats, please contact our head of programmes [email protected], or fill out the application below.