• September

    • Kado-Ikebana: An introduction week-end

      With: Marcia Shibata

      Kado, the Way of the Flowers.

    • October

      • Just This: The Art of Zen and Writing

        With: Amy Hollowell

        Join Amy Hollowell for a week of exploring Zen practice and the art of writing, discovering the depth, lightness and impermanence of the present moment. Taught in French. No translation.

      • Sit, Walk and Sing

        With: Dorothea Gädeke, Alex Paterson

        Exploring connections between meditation, voice and theatre – open to all

      • November

        • Awakening with Sexuality DELAYED

          With: Diederik Prakke, Herbert Elsky, Henriette Versteijnen

          The programme from 5 to 12 November 2023 has been delayed to 2024. You are invited to take part in a Zoom videoconference on 8 November 2023.