• August

    • Body-Mind Centering® meets Maitri Space Awareness

      With: Barbara Märtens, Friederike Tröscher

      Drawing on both the Maitri Space Awareness and Body-Mind Centering® approaches, we will learn to open our heart and senses with courage, mindfulness and respect. A journey of discovery into our innate wisdom: a compass for navigating challenging times.

  • October

    • Silent Mindfulness Retreat

      With: Mathias Pongracz

      Open to all. Intended for mindfulness teachers or aspiring teachers of mindfulness, fulfilling the prerequisites for attending the MBSR professional training and continuous training. Taught in French. Translation upon request.

  • November

    • Sunday Meditation for All

      A free programme open to everyone on the first Sunday of each month. The day consists of periods of meditation, talks and group discussions. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditators. Taught in French.

  • February