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The Kototama is a teaching that was kept secret from the Japanese imperial court until the middle of the 20th century. Very succinctly, we can say that the Kototama describes the vibratory essence of phenomena and consciousness emerging simultaneously, and constitutes a “language of the awakened”.

When we experience full presence, i.e. the non-separation between ourselves and what is observed, we perceive things ‘as they are’, and when we give a name to this agreement between what we have perceived and our deepest being, we name it – says the Kototama – with the sounds of a language that emerges from this experience of union, sounds identical to the vibratory structure of the phenomenon that is named.

Sensei Nakazono‘s students (around 50,000 people worldwide) have benefited from a highly elaborate teaching on centring in the Hara, sharing the KI, the basics of the Japanese Therapeutic Tradition and working with the sounds of the Kototama to stimulate Misogi points (purifying self-massage), caring for others and the rituals of reciting/singing the “father, mother and child sounds”.


– Philippe Ronce –


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Registration open for the program from october 14 to october 20.

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