The Kototama is a teaching that was kept secret from the Japanese imperial court until the middle of the 20th century. Very succinctly, we can say that the Kototama describes the vibratory essence of phenomena and consciousness emerging simultaneously, and constitutes a “language of the awakened”.

When we experience full presence, i.e. the non-separation between ourselves and what is observed, we perceive things ‘as they are’, and when we give a name to this agreement between what we have perceived and our deepest being, we name it – says the Kototama – with the sounds of a language that emerges from this experience of union, sounds identical to the vibratory structure of the phenomenon that is named.

Sensei Nakazono‘s students (around 50,000 people worldwide) have benefited from a highly elaborate teaching on centring in the Hara, sharing the KI, the basics of the Japanese Therapeutic Tradition and working with the sounds of the Kototama to stimulate Misogi points (purifying self-massage), caring for others and the rituals of reciting/singing the “father, mother and child sounds”.

This programme is an introduction to these techniques, which are invaluable for practitioners of martial arts, energetics, sound therapies and spiritual practitioners.

Description of a day 

Breakfast: before the morning session.

Morning session 9.15am to 12.30pm: self-massage practice, meditation and Futomani singing.
Practice of sensory immersion in the 5 textures of the 5 energies (colour, touch, taste, smell, tones), chanting of the associated vowels, reading of a text and walk (2h00).

Lunch break: 12.30 to 2.30 p.m.

Afternoon session 2.30pm to 6.30pm.

Early afternoon: commented study session of extracts from the books by Sensei Nakazono and Ogasawara, followed by an introduction to chanted practices of rebalancing:
1) the 8 polarities of the body,
2) the chakras
3) the katas of the nourishing and protective cycles,
4) the points of the hour,
5) the 8-pointed star of the Marvellous Vessels,

Mid-afternoon tea break.

Late afternoon: contemplative study of the Kototama texts with Powerpoint projection (the Hara, the sounds of the Anterior Heaven, the appearance of father rhythms, son sounds and the principle of the 3 civilisations (Sugaso, Kanagi, Futonolito).

Dinner: 7pm to 8pm.

Evening: optional reading, discussion and study.

NB: The rota is the participation of everyone every day in the preparation of meals and washing up for 30 minutes a day.


Arrival day: Saturday 14 October.
You are invited to check in and settle into your room from 5pm. Dinner is served at 7pm.

End of programme:  Thursday 19October.
Closing circle and banquet in the evening.

Departure day: Friday 20 October before 10.00 am.
You can leave at any time (no programme). You are welcome to stay for breakfast.

Programme price

€420 + accommodation and lunch.


By email: HERE

Equipment to bring

A 2Gb USB key.
Philippe Ronce’s book “Le bon point au bon moment” and/or “Shiatsu des énergies subtiles”.
Meditation cushions are available on site.

The programme is taught in French. There will be no English translation.