Dorje Kasung Dön Season Retreat

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17 February 2017 - 19 February 2017
Shastri Simon La Haye
Deborah Coats


KASUNG ACADEMY led by Dapön H. Simon La Haye and Dapön Deborah Coats.

It is time for Tiger Region Kasung to gather and rejoice in our Clanship once again. The Kasung Academy will consist of streams of teachings and practice for the Gesar, Desung, Kusung, NCOs, and Trident practitioners.

We will also join together for talks and reconnect with our usual Kasung forms and practices: saluting, uniforms, drill and mess in the beautiful French countryside.
We will deepen our understanding of our role as one of the four pillars of Shambhala: government, church, military, and wealth.
Please come together with the clan to enjoy each others company, have a good time and manifest Kasung heart.

Practical information

Orders of dress: Service (#2), Barrack (#5), Field (#6) and work Detail (#8)

The program begins with registration from 3-6 pm on Friday, February the 17th. It ends with a departure around 4 pm Sunday, February the 19th.

Cost of the weekend from February 17th to 19th: € 110
Leave on Monday 20th: € 155
DCL Neighbours and Cadets: € 70


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