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Dechen Chöling is situated in central France, near Limoges. It is about 350 km south of Paris and 220 km northeast of Bordeaux. You can get here easily by car, train or plane. We offer shuttle service from Limoges or St. Victurnien train stations and Limoges Bellegarde airport.

Our Address

Mas Marvent
87700 St Yrieix sous Aixe, France

By Train

From Paris, you depart for Limoges from the Paris-Austerlitz train station. For train schedules and more detailed information, please visit sncf.com.

By Car

Dechen Chöling is a 30-minute drive from Limoges, 350 km south of Paris. You may also check out a ride-share service such as BlaBlaCar to see if someone near you is already planning a visit and has room for an extra person in their car.

By Plane

The most practical and affordable option is usually a flight to Paris and then a 3 hour train ride to Limoges.
You can also fly directly to Limoges Bellegarde airport from various European airports. Check out Air France, Ryanair, Flybe and Linair. Also, you may fly into Paris or Lyon and from there take the train or another flight to Limoges.

For participants from overseas:

1. Find the cheapest flight to Europe. Paris is the closest airport, but you can also look for potential cheaper prices at the following airports which have an easy train connection-Frankfurt, Cologne, Brussels, Amsterdam. kayak.com is a good search tool for flight prices.

2. Book your train
a.If you fly into Paris, book a ticket from the train station Gare du Austerlitz to Limoges on sncf.com or raileurope.com Take public transportation from the airport to the train station Austerlitz. If you book your train well in advance, chances are higher to get a good deal, e.g. a train ticket from Paris to Limoges (about 3 hrs) might vary between 20-80 Dollar (30-90 Euro).

b. If you fly into one of the other airports mentioned above, book a Thalys ticket from that city to Paris: www.thalys.com (note- if you fly into Frankfurt or Cologne you can book a ticket to Paris on this website- www.db.de)

There is local transportation from the airport to the train stations which you can get by asking at the airport. Frankfurt and Cologne have train stations in the airport.

You may also check options for a connecting flight directly to Limoges Bellegarde Airport. Check out options for direct flights and connecting flights.

If you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissy) and plan to use the metro to travel to Gare d’Austerlitz (your departure train station to arrive in Limoges), be sure to allow two hours for the correspondence.

Taxi Service

We offer to arrange taxicabs from the Limoges Bénédictins and St Victurnien train stations as well as the Limoges Bellegarde airport. Please let us know well in advance if you will need taxi service. Fares and more information available on our FAQ webpage.

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