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As a continuation of the new book The Lost Art of Good Conversation recently edited by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the last retreat led by Catherine Eveillard on the occasion of the passage of the year aimed to associate a deep practice of meditation and reflection around the societal, ecological and human transition needed in our time.

Based on the communication methods of the Art of Hosting, as well as on physical or artistic experiences offered by Herbert Elsky, this dynamic of exchange and co-creativity has generated many fruits that some have described as magic …

It is the participants who talk about it best … So, we invite you to discover the elaborate testimonial that Gabrielle Miae Ka posted on her new blog on the following theme: Meditation and conversation are they sources of evolution for the society?

Take the opportunity to discover the innovative and humane project carried by this young woman deeply “sentipensante”: “The art of human being is told by illuminating the links“.

Good path Gabrielle and thank you for your participation full of spirit and talent..