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This programme acknowledges the child’s first major step towards adulthood, the first responsibilities in the family and beyond. The child is introduced to his or her potential as a compassionate being – one who faces the events of life, big and small, with an open heart, inquisitiveness, dignity, and fearlessness.

The children are empowered in the practices of meditation, Kyudo and contemplative arts. The programme culminates in a big ceremony and celebration in which the children take a warrior’s vow to be kind to themselves and others and receive gifts representing compassion, fearlessness, and their own basic goodness.

The Rites of Passage programme runs in the mornings in a special shrine tent, for the duration of Family Camp. Please do not arrive after or leave before the set dates. A large part of the Rights of Passage experience is about beginning and ending the programme as a group. Also, the planned activities work on a cumulative basis and build on each other, so children arriving late may not be able to fully participate during their stay.

The programme will be directed in English. Translation will be arranged, please let us know during registration which language(s) your child speaks and also which other languages your child is able to reasonably understand. This will help us anticipate on the group communication. Should we not be aware well in advance of translation needs for your child, we may not find adequate translation in time.