Flowers in this case represent the entire rainbow of livings plants from the smallest delicate
expressions to large mighty trees. Japan changed the name to Ikebana meaning living flowers.

The ultimate goal of the Kado-Ikebana is not only to make pleasant flower arrangements, but
to expand our heart/mind, be in each moment, work with obstacles and develop a deep
appreciation for the living world, the self, others and all life. In Kado, we learn to engage with
the ancient principle of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity that we can witness in the unfolding of
life. By sensing this natural hierarchy, our life and art become more liberated and joyful. 

Meditation practice is the ground of Kado. It helps us to gain an understanding of the
obstacles we encounter. There will be an introduction to the practice.

Click here to listen to Maria Shibata and other Kado participants.


All material is provided for students. This includes the material and all necessary containers etc.
If you have your own cutters, please bring them to the program.
Please note that a €20 flower fee is not included in the price of the retreat.

Practical Information

All students attending this program will be met at the level of skill and understanding that
they enter with, be it beginning level or persons with some experience.

Arrival day (30 September): Between 8.30 and 9.00h / Program starts at 9.15h
Possibility of arriving on Friday 29 September from 5pm, in which case please specify this by email to: [email protected]

End of programme (1 Octobre): at 17.30h on Sunday

This programme is taught in English. The program will be translated into French. Requests for interpretation in other languages need to be made in advance and confirmed (please indicate your are requesting interpretation on the registration page).