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  • An eventful autumn !

    An eventful autumn !

    We are happy to present our last newsletter:                   – Click –

  • The Teachings of Kototama.

    The Teachings of Kototama.

    The Kototama is a teaching that was kept secret from the Japanese imperial court until the middle of the 20th century. Very succinctly, we can say that the Kototama describes the vibratory essence of […]

  • Welcome to Shambhala Marseille’s social networks!

    Welcome to Shambhala Marseille’s social networks!

    The Shambhala centre in Marseille launched its new Facebook page on 04 July. We wish them all the best! You can follow them on their Marseille Shambhala Centre page.

  • Quote Of The Week.

    Quote Of The Week.

    «When your work and your words do good to yourself and to others, that’s happiness.»

  • Wednesday, Lhasang day.

    Wednesday, Lhasang day.

    Lhasang is a Tibetan word meaning «Smoke offering to protective deities». Tibetans, like the Japanese and many ancient peoples, believe that the natural world is full of protective deities whom […]

  • The floral art of Kado-Ikebana.

    The floral art of Kado-Ikebana.

    At Dechen Chöling, we’re used to bringing flowers to life through harmonious arrangements. This is what we offer throughout the year with our programmes.     “Kado” is a Chinese […]