• Adrienne Chang

    Adrienne Chang

    Adrienne Chang has studied in the tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche for fifteen years, helping lead Buddhist study and meditation retreats and courses in Europe, North America, Asia, and online. […]

  • Manon Danker

    Manon Danker

    Manon Danker is an experienced facilitator who completed her training with Joanna Macy. More about Manon on her website and in this interview Featured Facilitator Manon Danker is a sociologist, environmental researcher and […]

  • Sylvie Deraime

    Sylvie Deraime

    Sylvie Deraime is a certified practitioner of contemplative psychology and professional coaching, and also has trained in non-violent communication and professional co-development. She has been practising meditation for twenty years, […]

  • Andrew Holecek

    Andrew Holecek

    Andrew Holecek offers seminars internationally on lucid dreaming, meditation, and the art of dying. He is the author of many books, including Preparing to Die: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom from the […]

  • Amy Hollowell

    Amy Hollowell

    Roshi Amy Hollowell is a French-American Zen teacher, poet and translator. Affiliated with one of the leading Zen lineages in the West, the White Plum Asangha, she is founder and […]

  • Frank Kane

    Frank Kane

    Frank Kane is a master teacher of voice. He has studied Georgian polyphonic song, music & culture as well as energetic resonance and body-mind disciplines. Frank has developed a distinctive […]

  • Ernst Kleisterlee

    Years ago my younger brother died quite unexpectedlly. The six weeks time to prepare for death brought up deep feelings of isolation, grief and despair, for himself and the ones […]

  • Jasmijn Koelink

    Jasmijn Koelink

    Jasmijn Koelink is a certified yoga teacher and psychologist. Her range of teaching extends from vinyasa variations to yin yoga, and is characterized by a focus on breath work. Jasmijn […]

  • Myrna Lewis

    Myrna Lewis

    Myrna Lewis is the CEO and Co-founder of Lewis Deep Democracy. She is a thought leader and practitioner in transformative leadership. She is internationally known and respected for making critical […]

  • Charlie Morley

    Charlie Morley

    Charlie Morley is a bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming, shadow integration and Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep. He has been lucid dreaming for over 20 years and was […]

  • Catherine Morrison

    Catherine Morrison

    Catherine Morrison is a British mother of three who has lived in France since 2016. She was a founder member of Ring-a-Rose Kindergarten group which was established in 2001 and […]

  • Diederik Prakke

    Diederik Prakke

    A trainer, blogger, breath coach and author of the book “Hoe heb ik lief” (“How do I love”) (2019), Diederik has lived and worked in Bhutan, Albania, Nepal, Vietnam and […]

  • Philippe Ronce

    Philippe Ronce

    Philippe Ronce (Shiatsu des 5 sens), a shiatsu teacher, has been a student of the Kototama for over 50 years, as well as of Chôgyam Trunpa and his son Mipham […]

  • Damien Sauvezie

    Damien Sauvezie

    Chirurgien-dentiste de profession, Damien Sauvezie étudie le Qi Gong depuis 2015. Il a été nommé instructeur par Eva Wong, détentrice de lignée de 19ème génération du Taoisme Xiantianwujimen.  

  • Catherine Schmit

    Catherine Schmit

    Catherine is a social worker and a practicing dancer. Based in Limousin since 2012, she lived in Dechen Chöling for four and a half years before building her family with […]